Paper A26

Study on the Use of Green Bean as Skim Milk Substitution in
Yellow Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) Ice Cream

I Ketut Budaraga1*, Rahmita1, Gusriati1, Leffy Hermalena1, and Williyana1
1Technology Studies Program Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ekasakti


The purpose of this study were (1) to observe the effect of extracts of green beans as a
substitute skim milk to the properties of the chemical, physical and sensory ice cream
pumpkin produced, (2) determine the substitution optimal from the juice of green beans to the skim milk in ice cream making pumpkin order meet the quality standards that have been set. The design used in this study is completely randomized design (CRD) with 5 treatments and 3 repetitions. Data were analyzed by F test and treatment if F count larger than F table 5%, followed by a further test of Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DNMRT) at the 5% significance level. The treatment in this study is the substitution of green bean extract is as follows: (a) Treatment A = 0%); (b) Treatment B = 25%); (C) Treatment C = 50%); (D) Treatment D = 75%); (e) Treatment of E = 100%). The results showed that the substitution of green beans affect the chemical and physical properties, but does not influence the sensory properties of ice cream pumpkin. Total substitution optimal bean extract as a substitute skim milk in ice cream making pumpkin obtained in treatment D (25% skim milk and green beans 75%) with the level of acceptance of organoleptic and microbial content with the SNI, the protein quality characteristics is 3.0526% , 5.7970% fat content, total sugar 14.3442, 85.0000% Overrun and melt speed of 14.25 minutes.

Keywords: Ice cream, green beans, pumpkin, skim milk.

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