Paper B12

Rice Milled Yield and Quality Improvement of Inpari 6
in Small Rice Mill in South Sumatera

Syahri1, Budi Raharjo1*, Sri Harnanik1, Renny Utami Somantri1, Yanter Hutapea1
1)South Sumatera Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology Palembang, Indonesia


Utilizing double phase machineries, Small Rice Mill (PPK) in South Sumatera applied the simplest machinery configuration, that is Husker-Polisher. Whereas machinery
configuration also contributes to the rice milled yield and quality produced. Nowdays rice milled yield by PPK is 61.3 to 63.7% and is potential to be increased. Therefore, a study was conducted in order to determine the effect of some configurations in double phase PPK with existing Husker-Polisher configuration, to the quality and yield of rice milled produced. Studies carried out in one PPK in Banyuurip village, district. Tanjung Lago, District of Banyuasin, South Sumatera. Configuration tested were: A) Husker – Polisher (H-P); B) Husker – Polisher1 – Polisher2 (H-P-P); C) Husker 1- Husker2 – Polisher1 – Polisher 2 (H-H-P-P), with rice varieties that are used Inpari 6. Each configuration was tested three time, using 100 kg of dry unhusk-rice as basis. Data collected include moisture content (grain and rice), milling recovery, analysis of physical quality (head rice, broken rice, brewers, yellow grain/damaged, immature grain/chalky, whiteness) following the method of SNI 6128: 2015. Organoleptic test was also conducted on the rice produced. The results showed that moisture content grain and rice were 14.6 to 15.0% and 12.83 to 13.17%, respectively. Configuration A (H-P) produced the highest yield that was 57.0%, but the quality of the rice milled was the lowest compared to other treatments. The physical quality best demonstrated by treatment of C (H-H-P-P), where the percentage of head rice produced was 52.35% and there were no (impurities). The results of organoleptic test against rice also showed that treatment C was preferable to other treatments (score 3.71). These results indicate that the use of configuration type HH-P-P is possible in an effort to improve the quality and yield of rice Inpari 6.

Keywords: Inpari 6, milling configuration, rice milled quality, yield, small rice mill

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