Paper B16

Rapid Upper Limb Assessment Analysis of Paddy Combine
Harvester Cabin Design

Rafli Evansyah1* and Sam Herodian1
1Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.


The use of anthropometry in agricultural tools and machines design is important to be
noted. In case, inappropriate levers position of paddy combine harvester ensue operator’s bad working posture. The objectives of this research are to design the cabin of paddy combine harvester based on applied anthropometry and analyze the operator’s postures come along using rapid upper limb assessment (RULA). The Comparison between RULA score of both design is needed to evaluate the new designed cabin that used 5th, 50th, and 95th percentiles of Javanese farmer anthropometry mannequin to the initial one. The Initial analysis shows that RULA score of steering levers is 5 point, 3 point for header controlling levers, 4 point for main speed lever, 3 point for transmission lever, and 5 point in average for header controller clutch. These mean that the initial design isn’t appropriate for Javanese farmer population and should be investigated further and changed soon. The analysis for the new design shows better condition in working postures in a term of improving final RULA score point for all the leavers.

Keywords: anthropometry, paddy combine harvester, RULA

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