Paper B23

Design and Preliminary Test of an Emergency Brake
For a Cable-Based Agricultural Transportation System in
Sunten Jaya Village, Lembang, West Java

M. Muhaemin*,1, D. Prijatna1, M. Saukat1, WK. Sugandi1, A. Yusuf, Handarto1
and A. M. Satrianagara1
1Department of Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering, Universitas Padjadjaran.


Lembang has been known as producer of high quality vegetables. In Sunten Jaya Village, vegetable farms are located in a very difficult terrain that motorized transportation is impossible to do. To help the farmer group, Universitas Padjadjaran has developed a cable-based transportation system which is capable of moving person and agricultural products. Although the system is now working very well, it lacks security system when hauling cable break down. The objective of this research was to design and test the performance of an emergency brakes for the system. The brake was designed with two main components, electronic and mechanical. The electronic part served to measure the speed of cable car and control the timing of the brake, while that of mechanical part serves the actual braking action. Speed measurement was conducted using GPS receiver and the motorcyles brake were adopted to do the actul braking. Preliminary testing showed that at maximum load, the brake has succesfully reduce maximum speed by 47.4 % maximum distance traveled by 27.5 %.

Keyword: Automatic control, cable-based transportation system, design, emergency brake

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