Paper B26

Crawler Analysis Modification Design and Performance
Test of Crawler Fertilizer Applicator Machine (CFA01)

Desrial*,1 and Bob Andri1
1 Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia


CFA01 is granule Fertilizer Applicator prime mover machine, this machine was
supported with frond lifting mechanism. In the previous crawler design of the granule
applicator prime mover machine, the design has some weaknesses. This research
objective is to do modifications to improve crawler performance on the crawler type of
CFA01 by adding elevated sprocket mechanism. The result of crawler design has
functional parts, there are frame, sprocket and chain transmission, roller and idler roller. The result of structural analysis shows the election of each material for design is good and precise because SC45 material has yield strength σb = 58 kg/mm2 more than
maximum load stress value. The result of kinematic analysis shows the power needed to move the crawler is 6.9 hp and to optimize distribution of fertilizer so the machine must be operated at transmission level L-2 and engine rotation speed at 2000 rpm. Based on result of load static simulation from SolidWorks software, the material which is used in each component is safe because the value of stress is less than material yield strength.

Keywords: CAD, crawler, elevated sprocket, fertilizer applicator mover prime machine
(CFA01), load stress simulation, palm, performance test, solidworks.

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