Paper C12

Simulation on Absorption Heat Pump System to Generate
Drying Air

Leopold O. Nelwan*,1, Dyah Wulandani1, I Dewa Made Subrata1, Lilik Tri
Mulyantara2, M. Jusuf Djafar3 and Damawidjaya4
1Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.
2Centre for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Serpong, Indonesia
3Agroindustrial Technology Center, Agency for the Assesment and Application of Techology (BPPT), Serpong
4Faculty of Engineering, Jendral Ahmad Yani University, Bandung


Absorption heat pump system is one of thermal systems that can be used to generate
drying air suitable for agricultural products drying.A simulation on the absorption heat
pump using LiBr solution as the working fluid to condition the drying air has been
carried out.The simulation was based on the steady state thermal and mass balance on
each of the absorption heat pump main components, namely heat generator, absorber,
condenser and evaporator, and the interactions with the air passing through the
evaporator, absorber and condenser. The simulation results showed that by using 90oC hot water to heat the generator at the ambient air temperature of 27oC with airflow rate of 0.14 kg/s, the required heat in the generator was 0.931 kW with the released heat in the absorber and condenser were respectively 0.893 and 0.726 kW with temperature of 33.0 and 37.8oC.Heat absorbed in the evaporator is used to trap water vapor was 0.688 kW with a temperature of 25.2oC and absolute humidity of 0.0168 kg/kg u.k while the COP of the system was 0.739. By increasing the flow rate of solution from the absorber to the generator, the usable heat increased yet the COP decreased. Hot water flow rate through the generator increased the total heat generated but the COP produced was relatively unchanged.

Keywords: Absorption heat pump, drying, simulation

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