Paper C13

Design of Temperature and Volume Control System at
Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Storage Tank

Mohamad Hafiz*,1, Rengga A. Renjani1,2, Agus Haryanto1
, Nurbaity Araswati1, and I Dewa Made Subrata1
1)Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
2)Department of Agricultural Engineering, Stiper Agricultural University, Indonesia


Height and temperature monitoring of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) in storage tank at palm oil mill nowadays are still done manually by worker and carried out twice a day. The
monitoring technique is considered to have errors as well as high risk job because worker have to climb a high storage tank, and the result is not real time. The aims of this study are to design control system in heating CPO, obtaining real time data of temperature and height of surface of CPO and circulate the CPO to obtain more homogenous temperature. CPO temperature in storage tank are kept at 40oC, heat transfer phenomena in it can inactivate lipase enzyme that can catalyze the hydrolysis of oil. In this study has succeed to build the control system by making storage model tank with scale 1:18,600 and performing test the model. Volume system control using ultrasound sensor HC-SR04, capable to read the volume with good performance but still have noise. Application of the circulation system has succesfully homogenized the temperature of the CPO in the storage tank. The data acquisition was performed by computer and can be displayed into a spreadsheet.

Keywords: Automation, Control, Crude Palm Oil, Monitoring, and Storage Tank

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