Paper C16

Designing Traceability System for Broilers Using Quick
Response (QR) Code Mobile Android and Web

Bambang Pramudya,1 Sahat Tuaman Munthe*,1
1Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.


Chicken meat is a food that is widely consumed in Indonesia, in addition to an affordable price also easily obtained. The purpose of this research was to design an information system that serves to provide information needed by consumers before they consume the chicken meat which they had bought. Presented information is based on broiler supply chain and SNI 3924:2009 about chicken meat. The method is used in this research is system development life cycle method consisting of system investigation, analysis and traceability system design for broilers, and system maintenance. Analysis and system design consisting of analysis, design, system implementation, system testing, and prototype released. The result of this research is a
website that can be accessed by consumers or user and administrator or producer. The
website for user or consumers can be accessed through smartphone by doing a scan on
product QR Code. Information that presents are the name of the breeder, slaughtering house for broiler, broiler harvest date, slaughtering date, expired date, and website link for the breeder. Besides it is also equipped with breeder location by map and breeder profile. The webpage that can be accessed by administrator or producer is a web page to update their data and to provide the QR code for their product.
Keywords: Broilers, Quick Response (QR) code, traceability system, website

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