Paper C21

Design and Testing of Resistive Heating For Sugar Cane

Anang Lastriyanto *,1 Sumardi H.S1, Kurniawan Y.2 , Mas Wisnu A,3 and Bima A1
1Department of Agriculture Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology
Brawijaya University, Indonesia.
2Department of Agriculture Engineering, Mataram University


Design and testing of resistive heating system for cane juice has been done and
showed performance heating process in cane juice. This performance test was
done in an experiment under completely randomized design at three levels of
temperature in recomended voltage or 25 V/cm. Heating temperature at three
levels: 40°C, 50°C and 60°C with 3 replications. According with electrical
properties of cane juice and Ohm law showed, the design system absorb
electrical power 300 – 330 Watt. The capacity of the system 100 ml of cane juice,
has a diameter of 40 mm and a length of 100 mm. Heating performance in
resistive heater showed faster than conventional or electrical heater. Lowering
the temperature setting, reduce of electrical current. The resistive heater was
succesfully applied to cane juice heating process. It can be applied for the other
liquid materials with electrical conductivity 4 – 5 millisiemens per centimeter

Keywords: cane juice; electrical conductivity; heating; resistive.

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