Paper C25

The Exsistence of Subak as A Potential Social Enginering
in Water Management System for Agriculture Development

Sri Wahyuni*,1
1Indonesian Center for Agricultural Socio Economics and Policies Studies, Indonesia


Subak’s water management system found in Bali, the problems is Subak vulnerable to
globalization in which every year shrinkage of 700 ha. that caused by economic factor.
On the other hand, directly most Balinese dependent on the Subak’s water control system and indirectly the view of Subak is considered as one of the tourist object that improve farmers’ income. Therefor Subak’s existence must be maintained. This paper describes the existence and the potential of Subak as an economic organization as well as some policies for the development of agriculture. The information derived through some related literatures, field observation to “Subak Sungsang” in 2012 and participatory research. The information were analyzed based on the definition of a technology and the characteristics of an organization. It is concluded that Subak is an organization that considered as a social enginering in water management system for agricultural development.

Keywords: Management, Subak, system, water

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