Paper D15

Role of Postharvest Technology Innovation
to Increase Cocoa Farmer’s Income

Rita Nur Suhaeti 1, Henny Mayrowani 1, Rachmini Saparita 2, Akmadi Abbas *,3
1 Center for Socio Economic and Policy Study, Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia.
2 Development Center for appropriate Technology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia
3 Center for Biomateral, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia


Currently, the post-harvest handling of cocoa in Indonesia is still not good. This was
proved by the low quality of cocoa from Indonesia. If cocoa was handled with
appropriate technology, quality of cocoa in Indonesia is not inferior to the quality of
other countries. because the quality is not good, farmers were not prospering due to
lower selling prices of cocoa. This paper describes the role of technological innovation in improving the postharvest income of cocoa farmers in Indonesia. The paper also provides advice to the government to produce cocoa with good quality in Indonesia so that farmers’ income would increase. From collected data and analysis results have proven that the technology of cultivation and the availability of post-harvest technology allows us to increase production and to improve the quality of cocoa so that it can increase the selling price to increase farmers’ income. Post-harvest machinery should be distributed based on the needs, abilities, and skills and knowledge of farmers in operating the device. Empowerment of farmers groups in the development of post-harvest technologies can be done through training and assistance when technology is used by farmers. Factors that should be taken into account in socializing of a postharvest tool is the quality and the price is affordable and easy to operate, easy when the modified or repaired and can be tailored to the needs on the ground. Socio-economic barriers can be solved by building the partnership of farmers (producers, processors) and traders (exporters) through integrated social innovation between technology and institutional systems.

Keywords: Innovation Technology, Cocoa, Farmers’ Income, Postharvest Technology

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