Paper D26

Design Improvement of Pelletization Machine for
Production Solid Fuel from Acacia mangium Bark

Rengga A. Renjani*1,2, Dyah Wulandani1, Lenny Saulia1
, and Wawan Hermawan1
1Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
2Department of Agricultural Engineering, Stiper Agricultural University Indonesia


Most of solid waste in Indonesia, including Acacia magium bark waste in district of
Tanjung Lago, Banyuasin, South Sumatra province is not handled properly. The solutions that can be developed for utilizing Acacia bark waste include easy waste handling, fast processing, needed by big scale, and can provide value added by make it into bioenergy like biomass pellet. Pelletized processes consist of three major unit operations, drying, size reduction (grinding), and densification. Densification process still need pelletization machine. Pellet mill or pelletization machine in Indonesia still expensive because it need to be imported from another country, spare parts are still dificult to obtainable and complicated for repair process. The goals of this study are design improvment of pellet mill and performance test the physical properties of biomass pellets from Acacia mangium with added starch. It can be concluded that the physical properties such as length, and diameter compliance with requirements of Swedish Standard: SS 187 120, ӦNORM M 7135, and Austrian Pellets Association Standard, related to the higher quality pellets.

Keywords: Acacia mangium, Biomass Pellet, Densification, Pelletization Machine, and Starch.

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