Proceedings of AESAP 2016

The 1st International Conference on the Role of Agricultural Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture Production
ISBN: 978-602-61580-0-0

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Identification of Export Quality Fresh Mangosteen Based on Area and Convex Hull Area of Fruit Calyx by Image Processing – Usman Ahmad, Rudy Tjahjohutomo, Rahmawati Nurjanah, and Mardison
A Method to Compensate the Influence of Different Particle Size of Coffee Powder in NIR Calibration Model Performance – Diding Suhandy, and Meinilwita Yulia
Potential Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Authentication of Bee Propolis: A Preliminary Study – Slamet Widodo, Usman Ahmad, Tetsuhito Suzuki, Yuichi Ogawa, Naoshi Kondo
Study on the Use of Green Bean as Skim Milk Substitution in Yellow Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) Ice Cream – I Ketut Budaraga, Rahmita, Gusriati, Leffy Hermalena, and Williyana
Design of Hippoid Crabs Catcher Based on Its Characteristics – Gatot Pramuhadi, Yusli Wardiatno, and Ali Mashar
Rice Milled Yield and Quality Improvement of Inpari 6 in Small Rice Mill in South Sumatera – Syahri, Budi Raharjo, Sri Harnanik, Renny Utami Somantri, Yanter Hutapea
Effect of Cylinder Rotation Speed, Teeth Density and Engine Power Rate on Performance of Cylinder Type Sago Rasping Machine – Darma, Aceng Kurniawan, and Prawatya Istalaksana
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Application for Plantation Mapping and Automatic Oil Palm Trees Counting on Oil Palm Plantation Management – Hermantoro, Andiko Putro Suryotomo, Arief Ika Uktoro, and Rengga Arnalis Renjani
Design of Edge-cell Type Metering Device to Minimize Fertilizer Clogging – Annisa Nur Ichniarsyah, Wawan Hermawan and Tineke Mandang
Rapid Upper Limb Assessment Analysis of Paddy Combine Harvester Cabin Design – Rafli Evansyah and Sam Herodian
The Effects of Machinery Configuration in Small Rice Mill to Rice Milled Quality and Yield – Budi Raharjo, Renny Utami Somantri, Syahri, Suismono
Design and Preliminary Test of an Emergency Brake for a Cable-Based Agricultural Transportation System in Sunten Jaya Village, Lembang, West Java – M. Muhaemin, D. Prijatna, M. Saukat, WK. Sugandi, A. Yusuf, Handarto, and A. M. Satrianagara
Crawler Analysis Modification Design and Performance Test of Crawler Fertilizer Applicator Machine (CFA01) – Desrial and Bob Andri
Simulation on Absorption Heat Pump System to Generate Drying Air – Leopold O. Nelwan, Dyah Wulandani, I Dewa Made Subrata, Lilik Tri Mulyantara, M. Jusuf Djafar, and Damawidjaya
Design of Temperature and Volume Control System at Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Storage Tank to Maintain CPO Quality – Mohamad Hafiz, Rengga A. Renjani, Agus Haryanto, Nurbaity Araswati, and I Dewa Made Subrata
Designing Traceability System for Broilers Using Quick Response (QR) Code Mobile Android and Web – Bambang Pramudya and Sahat Tuaman Munthe
Design and Testing of Resistive Heating for Sugar Cane Nectar – Anang Lastriyanto, Sumardi H.S, Kurniawan Y., Mas Wisnu A, and Bima A
Postharvest Handling of Chili to Maintain it Freshness in South Sumatera – Renny Utami Somantri, Syahri, Sri Harnanik, Yanter Hutapea, Poetry Sari Levianny, and Dondy A. Setyabudi
Standard Cost of Rice Milling Unit in Tidal Swamp Region (A Case Study in Banyuurip Village, Tanjung Lago Sub District, Banyuasin Regency) – Yanter Hutapea and Budi Raharjo
The Exsistence of Subak as A Potential Social enginering in Water Management System for Agriculture Development – Sri Wahyuni
An Application of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spektroradiometer to Optimize Water Allocation in Irrigation Area – Arif Faisol
Ammonium Removal from Leachate Using Chemical Precipitation Method – Suprihatin and Fitriana Dewie Pannita
Kinetics of Hardness Degradation and Physical, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Cutting Of Snake Fruit (Salacca edulis Reinw) during Blanching – Rofandi Hartanto, Dian Rachmawanti A., and Dea Juniata
Development of a Portable Multiple Ion-Selective Electrodes Apparatus for Rapid Soil Nitrate Measurement – Eko Leksono and V.I. Adamchuk
Role of Postharvest Technology Innovation to Increase Cocoa Farmer’s Income – Rita Nur Suhaeti, Henny Mayrowani, Rachmini Saparita, and Akmadi Abbas
Vegetable Leather of Red Chili (Capsicum annuum var. longum) with Addition of Various Carrageenan Concentration (Physic, Chemical, and Sensory Characteristics) – Nur Her Riyadi P., Dwi Ishartani, and Kristi Yosia
Electrical Analysis of Oil Palm Leaves Infected by Basal Stem Rot Disease – Alfadhl Yahya Khaled, Samsuzana Abd Aziz, Siti Khairunniza Bejo, Nazmi Mat Nawi, and Idris Abu Seman
Design Improvement of Pelletization Machine for Production Solid Fuel from Acacia mangium Bark – Rengga A. Renjani, Dyah Wulandani, Lenny Saulia, and Wawan Hermawan